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About ASDO

Our Mission Statement and Aims

"To raise awareness and mobilise resources on issues affecting development of Africans and to work in collaboration with grass root organisations to ensure Africans reach their full development potential."

ASDO is an African initiated and African led organisation for the development of Africans in the developing and developed world. A lot of funding in the developing world gets swallowed up in administrative costs, bureaucracies and protocols and does not reach the people on the grass roots that actually need the funds. ASDO aims to use less than 8% of funding in overhead costs as we would be working in collaboration with other grass root organisations world wide. Most of the administrative work will be done on line in order to save costs.

ASDO will work directly with registered grass root organisations in developing world and Africans in diasporas to develop in the areas of health, education and culture.

There are many Africans in Scotland with skills and expertise to help in developing their countries of origin. However, many of them have difficulty having access to development organisations that would provide an avenue for them to help. Also, other residents in Scotland and neighbouring nations that are interested in volunteering to work in Africa are encouraged to link up and use their skills for development projects.

ASDO works in collaboration with local governments, development organisations, non-governmental organisations and community based organisations at the grass-root rural areas where the need for development is needed most. ASDO will aim to empower development projects in Africa to be sustainable and capable of becoming self sufficient in the long term. ASDO aims to build up the existing systems. This is done through capacity building, improving access to resources and exchange of technology/information.

Organisations that work in partnership with ASDO will provide some support for volunteers in terms of logistics and accommodation. In support ASDO will provide technical assistance for projects and programmes drawn up according to the needs of the community in a particular context. ASDO will take a gender and culturally sensitive approach in the formulation of proposals, strategies, action plans and log frames for projects.

ASDO has two arms. The first arm deals with vulnerable groups in Scotland, including asylum seekers, refugees and homeless or racially/sexually abused persons. The second arm deals with international partnership with volunteers travelling to Africa and helping to transfer technology and development skills. ASDO aims to match up residents in Scotland who are interested in volunteering abroad with development projects in Africa who can make use of their skills. Rather than giving out hand outs, ASDO is committed to building up the capacity of vulnerable groups, thus making them independent and sustainable. The developmental foot prints of ASDO will be left in sands of the African nations that benefit from ASDO’s activities.

Aims and Objectives

  • Capacity building of organisations involved in development in the African Community.
  • Providing an avenue for volunteers in the UK and other parts of the developed world to travel in order to assist in the following areas;
    • Health
    • Education
    • Social Development
  • To raise awareness on the development inequalities that exist in Africa and other parts of the developing world.
  • Production of posters and other information education and communication materials on health and social development.
  • To raise funds for registered grass-root organisations that are involved in the areas of health, educational and social development of Africans.
  • To organise funds raising activities to cater for the needs of poor and vulnerable Africans in Scotland (such as refugees and asylum seekers) and in the developing world.
  • To partner with Scottish academic and development organisations help in the health, educational and social development of Africans in Scotland and in Africa.
  • To promote exchange of culture and ideas between the United kingdom and African countries.

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